If you want to listen to Dheaxx live, then here you go with informations about gigs and events. I need to say, that from time to time events happen to be cancelled. Please excuse me, if I am not able to post such an unexpectable venue if this is happening short termed. Always keep updated on the promotion site of the event itself. Usually you find most of the informations on facebook therefore.

Each event has a short note, who ist the events host (by...)

Usually you find the event by name or host at facebook


Sa, 12 March 2022

Resurrection I

by Dheaxx

--> Resurrection I<--

Sa, 12 March 2022

Sa, 30 Oct 2021

Electro Swing Night

FKK Swing Flyer BACK2by FKK
@ KRYPTA Göppingen

--> Electro Swing Night Info <--

Sa, 16 Oct 2021

Freaky Culture

Freaky Culture WIby Psychedelic Love
@ KONTEXT Wiesbaden

 --> Freaky Culture Event Info <--

Sa, 16 Oct 2021

Sa, 28 Sep 2021

DMT / the spirit molecule

by Psychedelic Love & Bellini Club / Mainz
A trip into our soul

17 July 2021

Tribal Workshop @ Succubus Club

by The Night Club School
Succubus Club
Chapel/Krypta (Göppingen)

17 July 2021

12 June 2021

Electronic Lounge

by Tribal NRG
Chapel/Krypta (Göppingen)

31 Jan 2020

Mystic Secrets

by Dreamspaceproject & Goa Sun
Club Make Fellbach, S (Ger)

31 Jan 2020

27 Dec 2019


by Goa Sun
Club Proton, S (Ger)

31 Dec 2019

Goa Sun Psyvester

by Goa Sun
RoFa Bad Friedrischshall, HN (Ger)

31 Dec 2019

28 - 30 Nov 2019

Extase im Hexenhaus

by Familie Wirrlewursch
NW (Ger)

05 Dec 2019

Forest Symphony & Solarklänge

by Dreamspaceproject
Hagmühle, Altdorf (Ger)

05 Dec 2019

01 Nov 2019


Birthday Special Event
SIG (Ger)

08 Nov 2019

Spirit Open Air

by Goa Sun
Einstein, HN (Ger)

08 Nov 2019

04 Dec 2019

ॐ GOA SUN & AAMES ॐ at Mobilat

by Goa Sun
Club Mobilat, HN (Ger)

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